Accreditation and Collabrations

As one of the world's leading accreditation organizations, IAS (International Accreditation Service) approved ticemlabs keeps proving by improving and expanding its laboratory coverage day by day that it is assertive in its industry. In addition to IAS, ticemlabs, approved by TSE and Israel Standard Institute (SII) for relevant tests, and carries out tests for certification works.

ticemlabs enables manufacturers and consumers to produce creative solutions by interpreting the materials from the university-industry framework thanks to its academicians and engineers who are experts in their fields. ticemlabs ensures that the products or systems developed thanks to its accreditations and published reports easily appear in the international market.

ticemlabs accelerates the development phase of the products with the reports it publishes and shortens the time to launch them to the market; therefore, plays a major role for consumers to reach new solutions quickly and safely.

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