Quality Policy

Well-trained and professional staff who took professional and technical practices can contribute for the development of quality system according to the latest technologies in order to maintain a high quality services which is supported and funded by Ticem B.V. National / international standard methods and validated internal methods are applied by qualified personnel which have vowed to comply with legal policies. Traceability of the standards in accordance with the national and international systems is attained; personnel proficiency comparison activities and measurement uncertainty statistics are carried out in order to secure the quality of test results.

Customer samples are tested in a sincere manner and according to the requirements given; actions which contribute to create complaints are prevented. The test results are provided as promised to the customer; trust, equality, impartiality and confidentiality principles and cooperation in accordance with customers are preserved in order to provide continuous improvement.

In this context, it has been ensured that the Quality Manual, Procedures, Instructions and other documents created in the Quality Management System are read, understood and used effectively by all concerned personnel in order to forestall and prevent negative factors affecting the certainty of test results. The top management of our laboratory has committed to implement and continuously improve the Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO / IEC 17025 standard, customer requirements and legal requirements with the contribution of all personnel

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