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Test reports are published in one language either in English or Turkish. If the test report is required in a second or more languages, an additional fee must be paid. If no statement is made, the report is published in Turkish language by default.

Request for return of test samples is sent to Client by ticemlabs. Samples which are not received within 5 working days are regarded as abandoned and disposed, the disposal costs are covered by Client. It is accepted and declared that all the information transmitted mutually during the business is kept between the parties. In case of legal obligations, the parties could share information. If Client wishes to attend and monitor his own samples being tested in the laboratory, the laboratory personnel rearranges the work plan ensuring the confidentiality of the samples which belong to the other customers and owing to this rearrangement, a separate fee is invoiced to Client. Client agrees and declares that in case he decides to terminate his contract after obtaining mutual signature, he is obliged to pay half of the contract price. If Client decides to terminate his contract after the sample has been delivered to the laboratory, he is obliged to pay the full contract price. If Client sends samples to the laboratory without approved quotation and payment, the laboratory reserves the right to take the sample. If it is not approved within 5 working days, the laboratory can dispose the test sample. The party sending the sample is obliged to cover the costs of disposal.

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