Natural Stone Tests

Natural stones are a building material that humanity has preferred to use in structures since ancient times. There are many kinds of natural stones with different mechanical, physical and petrographic properties. Natural stones, which are mostly used as structural elements and decorative elements in historical buildings, despite that they are used for purposes such as façade cladding and floor covering in contemporary buildings. Since it is a natural building material, it is a group of materials with a high probability of having defects on it. It is necessary to test the natural stones to be used as building materials regarding their layer directions. The natural stones to be used in restoration must have the same mechanical, physical and petrographic properties by samples from the existing structure. In our laboratory, relevant experiments are carried out to determine the physical, mechanical and durability properties of natural stones according to ASTM and EN standards.

Yürütülen Deneyler

Naturel Stone Test Standarts



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